WSOP Championship Match Worth USD 3.9 million Bulgarian Wins

WSOP Championship Match Worth USD 3.9 million Bulgarian Wins

Stoyan Madanzhiev from Bulgaria won the USD 5000 WSOP buy in or World Poker series main event sport betting, and won nearly USD 4 million. It was in a market of over 5800 players and over USD 27 million in prize money. It is an online tournament record. Madanzhiev won a total of 3,904,686 dollars and this year, he has had no prior WSOP victory.

Following the traditional Las Vegas World Poker series in the aftermath of the coronavirus epidemic, the international series was cancelled. In the early rounds of the main event, three buy-ins were required and played from a place where online poker was legal.

The final round of just 38 players took place on Saturday. Interestingly, Brian Piccioli, an American, was in the lead at the beginning of the final round. Wenling Gao (China) finished second and Tyler Rueger (US) finished second.

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Main event 

This was another storey written by Chinese Wenling Gao as he ended Madanzhiev’s runner-up. Gao has been in a $500 satellite MMC 996 Singapore, and after finishing in second place she has turned the comparatively small investment into $2.74 million windfall. As the second woman to have ever presented the WSOP Main Event for the finale and the first one to ever have the Main Event bracelet, she even joins the history books. In 1995, the fifth place in the 1995 WSOP Main Event was Barbara Enright.

On the third day there were 38 players and 3 of them made it to the final table and Satoshi Isomae took the deeper at the fifth position. The 7th and 9th places were put respectively by Stefan Schillhabel and Samuel Taylor.

The creator and famous Benjamin “bencb 789” Rolle (11. for $161, 686) of Raise Your Edge, among other things, has fallen short of the final table for many seats. The rail struck early on the day Martin Arce (25th at 79,625 dollars) Phachara Wongwichit (27th for79,625 dollars) and Joshua McCully (29th for $55,880 dollars).

Samuel Vousden (12th for $161,686), Craig Timmis (13th for $161,686), Michael Kane (17th for $113,465) and Kelly Wong (18th with $79,625) were other noteworthy finishers.

Bulgarian Wins WSOP Online Main Event worth USD 3.9 Million

Last Recap Table

Samuel Taylor has been eliminated by Wenling Gao in the ninth position within minutes of the final table beginning. Tyler Cornell bumped into Tyler Ruegers Queen-jack about twenty minutes later and was relegating to the train eighth after he passed two pairs. The six players were shipped for a 26-minute break, and Joas Santos was the following one when he came back to the ash-king of Rueger, who dominated the asheep of Santos. In the next 10 minutes, these five players were three as Satoshi Isomae & Thomas Ward were dispatched in fast succession in fifth and fourth place.

Both players were almost two hundred bb deep, but the game went off fairly soon. The last hand took the historical case to a climatic close. The jackets were inserted on Madanzhiev’s flopped nut after turn, which gave him the title of the Main Event and $3,904,686.